Google opens for business at CES 2020 w/outside corner and truly, there’s a slide

CES 2020 commences in only two or three days and the 9to5 group is advancing into Vegas. At LVCC, Google is as of now setting up another huge open air corner for CES 2020 and we got the opportunity to take a fast sneak look while things were being set up.

Since CES 2020 isn’t completely open yet, we can’t get into the Google stall in full – stay tuned for the current week for a full visit – however we can see some of what Google is getting ready to exhibit. According to normal, the fundamental spotlight is an overwhelming push on Google Assistant and new outsider gadgets.

Like with Google’s CES 2019 corner, we could see a few distinct kinds of Assistant items, for example, speakers and associated savvy home gadgets. Two or three vehicles were likewise in plain view to flaunt the new Android Auto both inside and outside of the stall. Out front, the Google stall likewise has some tremendous showcases flaunting brilliant presentation usefulness, for example, playing Netflix or requesting climate subtleties.

Within the stall, Made by Google items are likewise demonstrated done with the Nest Hub Max and Pixel 4 XL on a few presentations. There were additionally areas for Pixel and Nest. There was even a little zone committed to flaunting Stadia.

Our own Seth Weintraub has additionally been visiting the area for a couple of days and he detected that the Las Vegas Monorail still has the equivalent “Hello Google” marking it’s had for a couple of years straight. We’re wagering Google has leased that out consistently. He additionally saw the Volvo XC40 in the back which is most likely there to flaunt its local Android Auto programming.

The best piece of the stall all in all? There’s a slide around the back to polish off the current year’s “Google Assistant Journey.” The multi-hued slide slips into a pool of plastic balls. Obviously, we’ll have a whole post simply devoted to the experience of the slide. Ideally, complete with event congregation style pictures.

CES 2020 beginnings on Tuesday, however you can remain tuned here to 9to5Google for our proceeded with inclusion as the week progressed! There’s a considerable amount to get amped up for this year…

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