What Are Some Good Christmas Party Games?

With the numerous holiday parties held around the holiday season, you are bound to want at least some unique fun Christmas party games to play at your next celebration! Lucky for you, today, I have gone through the trouble of compiling 45 different Best Christmas party games for you to choose from! Now, all that you need to do is go check out what’s available today!

One of the first games that many people tend to try when they think about throwing a Christmas party is guessing the Christmas song’s correct lyrics. However, that can be an elementary problem! The problem is that most of us don’t know the lyrics to a song that we know well. That means that if you ask someone how they heard the song, they might give you a wrong answer! So, instead of just asking someone to guess the lyrics, why not use a trivia game where everyone has a chance to win some great prizes!

Christmas Party Games

Another one of the most popular games at Christmas parties is getting everyone to write their name in a basket. This is often a simple game that can be played with anyone. All that is needed is a small container, and everyone must write the name of a friend or family member into the box! Then you all need to vote to see who gets to keep the prize. The person with the most votes wins!

Another Christmas themed game to try at a party is a game of “Who’s got the shortest fingernails?” This fun game can be played at home with some unique gifts! The idea here is that you give each person a pair of fake fingernails and let them try to match their fingers together using the tips of their nails!

A game of “What would Jesus do?” is one of my personal favorites! You can have your guests come as Santa or a reindeer, and have them come dressed in Santa costumes, then ask them to call out as many things that would Jesus do.

“Christmas Story Time” is another one of my favorite games for Christmas parties. For this game, you should gather up your guest in a large circle and begin playing, “How did you get here? “What did you eat?” What Christmas gifts did you get?” And so on.

For each child that answers correctly, they get a prize! The last person standing gets to keep one of their tips. Here is a great game to have at a party!

You can find more than just one set of these types of games online for Christmas themed games. You can even find some free games and other fun stuff that you can download! If you are short on time, take a look at your favorite search engine. There are tons of websites to choose from!

Remember, it is not the game that is important, but the creativity that comes with it! If you have trouble coming up with new ideas, go to a party store or search online for images. Once you get some ideas for your party games, start practicing them and see how they come out.

Now here are a couple of things to make the games more exciting: First of all, be creative in the way that you are teaching your guests to play the games. I mean, what’s better than having your guests playing as Santa, a reindeer, and a cowboy, instead of just playing with your hands?

Second, if you want to add a little extra spice to your games, you could even invite the kids to help decide who wins the prize. Or at least come up with a new game to make the competition even more fun! Make it a game that requires more skill.

Some of my favorites for these games include “What are Some Good Christmas Party Games?” or “What’s the Best Christmas Gift?” Have a blast. It will be a good time for you and your guests!

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